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Shaadi-Byah and much more…… Equipped with the special skills, our team, doesn’t only make Couples pose in awkward poses, click everyone who climbs the stage or click people enjoying the food but make efforts to get to know the family, relations, bonding and reflect the same through live moments in the form of photographs and videos.

Candid Photography is our strength where we capture the unnoticed moments of marriage.

For us every wedding is different, so every story is reflected in its own style. We have a talent of photography with a passion for capturing memories that lasts lifetime.

All our photographers and videographers have been trained to capture your memorable day, creating stunning bridal portraits and exciting wedding videos that capture the energy of your important day forever. Coupled with the suave touch of Mr. Anil Garg who has unmatched experience of 35 Years and countless photos & videos; Albums and Videos create real time experience for even those who were not able to attend the wedding.

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